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Confirmed Bristol Practice

Nordic loop opens at noon today. Practice at 7:30 tonight at Nordic center to follow high school race. Skate technique. Focus: V2 technique and some agility.

  • Optimal body position is fundamental to efficient and speedy nordic skiing. The same position forms the basis for both classic and freestyle (skating) technique. The position is described variously as the "C position" or "basic athletic position." The knees are slightly bent, weight is forward on the balls of the feet and the hips are up. The shoulders are rounded forward. Very similar to a guard position in basketball. Bryan Fish, head development coach of USST, gives a good description here.Its not coincidental that this forward position is also helpful for efficient running. It correlates for forefoot or midfoot striking as opposed to heel striking. Practicing good body position while running can help translate into better skiing.Lastly, watch this video of double poling technique by the US women's team. Notice how far forward they lean as they are getting reach to pole. The forward weight allows them to basically fall forward over their poles, using their body weight and core abdominal muscles to generate tremendous power and speed. The power is not generally being produced by their arms which will fatigue quickly, but by core strength.Lastly, when you search Youtube for double pole technique videos, avoid the ones featuring a stripper pole.See you at Cobbs Hill on Nov 7th at 6PM! We'll be working on blending body position with hill bounding. 


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